Easy sourcing and amazing prices that are only available to nonprofit organizations!


Put simply, buying promotional items and custom products wastes too much of your time and costs too much. Scouring the web to find the best deals means you’re not able to focus on getting your real job done. Nonprofits are typically understaffed and running on a shoestring budget. We’ve been there and decided to do something to help!

NONPROFIT ONLY has done the research and developed relationships with factories to get you the best prices on the products you need. The process is simple, tell us what you want, we’ll hunt down the best price out there, you save time and money, AND get to take all the credit for a job well done! NO CRAZY FEES, NO HASSLES, NO OBLIGATION, just super low prices from super helpful people!

Get Your Time Back!

Why should you have to waste time looking for the best prices? After all, you have projects piling up and deadlines looming. We’ve already done the hard work and can save you HOURS! Now, go grab some caffeine, slay that to-do list and let us do our thing.

Save Tons of Money!

Your budget is smaller than it should be, and so is your paycheck. We’ve been there. Tell us what you need, we’ll go directly to the factories and get you amazing prices. Then, you can use all the extra money for something fun, like Pretzel Day!

Be the HERO!

Your job description DOES NOT say Corporate Buyer. Thankfully, ours does! One simple contact puts our shopping machine in motion. We do all the hard work and YOU get to be the hero for once. Take that Wanda in Accounting!

Our mission is helping nonprofits fulfill their mission

”We ONLY work with nonprofits. It’s what makes us unique.


More than anything, we strive to save you time and money so you can do what you’re passionate about… helping others.

We don’t just sell a few items from a catalog. We find products that will work best for your needs and budget, from custom promotional products like pens, shopping bags, and stress toys to retail merchandise like custom hats, t-shirts and tumblers. We also have you covered for basic printing needs like business cards, postcards and folders as well as huge items like feather flags, banners and trade show displays.

You have needs and we have solutions. We’ve already developed great relationships with factories that provide most of the items nonprofits are looking for, but we love a challenge! Do you need something totally custom and unheard of like golf cart covers or LED neon lights in the shape of your logo, cause we’ve done it… on the cheap. Seriously, tell us what you need and let us help you!

Most promotional items vendors charge outrageous markups on the items they sell. We’ve seen markups of 1,000% on some items. That’s just too much to put on the shoulders of a nonprofit. We can provide the same great quality items, at tiny markups, because we aren’t trying to get rich off of our customers. Honestly, we really just want to help you succeed.

We make buying custom products Super Duper Simple!

Tell us what you need

Call us at 352-247-7473, email saveme@nonprofitonly.com, or fill out the form below.

We’ll find the best price and quality

We’ll literally search to the ends of the Earth to find you the best prices on high quality items that will help your organization shine.

You save time and money

Yes, you’re going to save tons of money. Yes, you’ll get all that lost time back. And yes, YOU get to take all the credit!

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